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A Perfect Winter Activity

Why study the Bible?

As Christians, we profess to honor and venerate the Bible as our central Christian text.  It is supposed to be a source of inspiration, comfort, edification and spiritual guidance.  But how many of us really understand and study this most important book? 

Renewal Works – the survey and study St. Mary’s participated in in 2016 said this about our community’s relationship with the Bible –

“Few of us read and meditate on the Bible regularly and our Biblical knowledge and understanding is weak, although it rates as important for us.”

I confess, before I attended theology school I had no idea how to begin looking at the Bible in any way that was going to make sense – let alone help me spiritually.  And the phrase “bible study” seems so dull.  But I soon came to realize what a gold mine the Hebrew Scriptures and Christian Bible can be – for folks who just put in a little effort.  So….

Help is here! 

Gabe and I are going to be presenting the Animate Bible Series beginning January 7th.  This is an absolutely wonderful, interactive discussion series that gets into what the Bible is and how adults in today’s society can learn to appreciate and work with it as a source of great spiritual nourishment.  If you’ve ever had questions about the Bible.  If you’ve ever wondered how the Bible can be relevant in today’s secular world.  If you’ve ever wondered about the claims of inerrancy and infallibility that some religions make about the biblical texts - these are the workshops for you.

Gabe and I invite you to come – learn – discuss – read – and grow with us.