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Interpretation: the Bible Reads Us-Animate Bible #6

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The Bible is…..

  • bafflingly complex and mysterious
  • designed to provoke questions
  • a long story about God
  • a conversation
  • a book of the imagination.

These are a few of the ways Will Willamon, speaker in Animate Session #6 on Interpretation, describes the Bible.

And according to Professor Willamon, every page of the Bible cries out for interpretation. There are no simple answers.

Will suggests 5 tools to do or keep in mind while reading and studying the Bible –

  1. It's all about God.
  2. Context matters
  3. Jesus is the final word.
  4. This isn't solo work.
  5. Pray.

Will’s final question to us might be what we all will be asking as we go forward with our church’s Bible studies - “What would it take for the Bible to bore into your soul?”

Our last Animate Session will take place on Sunday, April 29th

Jay Bakker (son of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker – the 1980’s televangelist couple whose ministry ended in scandal) – will be talking about Grace and Love – the bottom line in any study of the Bible.

Join us!  Everyone is welcome!


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