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What's a canon, anyway? - Animate Bible #1

A tale of two bumper stickers 

Talking about these bumper stickers is how Eric Elnes began the first Animate Bible session. He goes on to say that lots of folks think that the Bible is God’s final and only word and to doubt even one single word is to slide down a slippery slope. He asks – Is the Bible really so frail and delicate that this might happen?

The rest of the first session talks this question and about how questioning and struggling with the Bible can lead to finding the gold contained in this most complex of church texts.  The early church, when deciding what books would be a part of the Christian Bible (the canon – a “churchy word for an official list), struggled and questioned and disagreed and this struggling and questioning can lead to a stronger and more robust Bible and a deeper faith.

Going deeper online
You can follow Eric Elnes on Facebook or Twitter.
The Bible Project has a great 5-minute introductory video entitled What is the Bible?
Or view a neat YouTube video entitled The Bible Explored  – A Brief History.

And then JOIN US !
Session Two is next Sunday (January 14th) at 9:00 or shortly thereafter in the Adult Christian Ed room. We’ll be viewing a video featuring Phyllis Tickle and talking about the “battle for the Bible” and in what forms (print, ebook, online) we can now access the biblical text.

Everyone is welcome!

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