Grow With Us

New to St. Mary's?  New to the Episcopal Faith?  New to Christianity?

Maybe you've never been inside an Episcopal Church, or are not even sure you can be called a Christian.  Perhaps you've driven past our church and wondered what goes on, and what being part of our church would be like. 

There are many ways you can join us and sample the satisfaction and fulfillment that is a hallmark of our St. Mary’s community

1. Start with a worship service. We have three different styles of worship experiences and we think one of them will speak to you.

2. Learn with us. We offer a variety of Christian learning and formation experiences. Find one that interests you and come.

3. Join a small group. St. Mary’s has many groups and commissions that offer opportunities to learn, serve the church, deepen your spirituality, or serve the wider community. You can find ways to serve and dip your toes in the waters of commitment and participation.

We welcome you! Come grow with us.