"What if God's word so moves and enlightens us, that we find new ways to address the complexities of our personal lives? What if God's word could rekindle our faith when it seems to be burning low? What if God's word could show us how to manage and govern a Christian community, relying more on God's power and attuned to God's plans for us?
I believe that God's word can do this."
Gabe Giella, Christian Education Director

You are invited to join the St. Mary's community on a year long journey of renewed faith and well-being.

In addition to the parish-wide Bible study outlined below, there are many other offerings scheduled, designed to help you on your journey.  Please visit both St. Mary's News and the  St. Mary's Event Calendar, for details.

This Lenten season we're going Into the Deep with a series of sermons, as well as retreats, bible studies and other opportunities for learning, to help you go deeper into your journey with God.  

Here is a Lenten flyer to help you find out about all that's going on at St. Mary's during this holy season of Lent.

And we are continuing on our Journey Through The Bible, using The Path. Adults meet on Sunday mornings at 9:00 in a lower floor classroom. This session is led by Karen Laroche.  There is another, mirror session for adults, led by Gabe Giella, on Wednesdays at noon, in the Adult Ed Room.  

There is a place for you on this journey.

The Path is published by Forward Movement and here’s some good news!  If at any point you want to take part, you can access The Path for free here.  The chapters are short and perfect to read as a couple, by one's self, or as a family at home.  And you are always welcome to attend a Sunday or Wednesday class.


Godly Play is a Montessori inspired program that nurtures wonder and teaches sacred story.   At 9:00 a.m. in a downstairs classroom, children ages 4-8 years are welcome to attend a Godly Play workshop offered every Sunday.  Paul Westrom and Andrea Creaney are the workshop leaders.


Teens are invited to attend The Path classes on Sunday mornings.  There are also single events designed for teens and their friends.  Please check out our Event Calendar for dates and details.



Resources  For Faith and Learning


Photo Credit:  Michelle Freitas, 2017