St. Mary's has a rich history of valuing education and Christian formation.  After all, one of Sarah Gibbs' goals, along with building a church, was to establish a seminary for training and development of Christian ministers.  In the Christian church, we are all ministers, and at St. Mary's we are committed to offering all ages a variety of opportunities to grow in spirit and learn about the Christian faith.

For a description of all activities planned for adults, children and youth please visit both St. Mary's News and the  St. Mary's Event Calendar.

September through May, between the 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. services, the whole church family gathers together to learn, pray and sing.  Adults and Youth gather in the Christian Formation Room.  Please see our Event Calendar for details.

In addition to our time together on Sunday mornings, there are weekday and weeknight opportunities to explore and learn. These include Bible studies, Women's Book Discussion Groups, faith sharing lunches, Family Yoga, and lots more.

At St. Mary's, we believe that children need to be full members in the life of the church, enjoying worship, fellowship, and formation in equal measures.  Thus children are an integral part of the intergenerational workshops planned for Sunday mornings. 

Godly Play is offered on Sundays, and Family Yoga will happen on Thursdays in January (2018).  Check our Event Calendar for specifics.


Youth nights, for tweens and teens from St. Mary's and the broader community, will be hosted at SMC by members of the church family who have various interests and ideas that they would like to share with our youth.

Topics and activities will vary - from learning a new skill or working on a project together to dancing, cooking, and movie nights. We hope to create an atmosphere of fellowship and fun that will lead to deeper spirituality and faith development. Youth Nights will end with a compline service. 


Resources  For Faith and Learning


Photo Credit:  Michelle Freitas, 2017