Live Generously

"All things come from you, O Lord, and of your own have we given you."   1 Chronicles 29:14

Stewardship is what happens after we say, "We believe."  It reflects our living relationship with God, and is our response to God's unconditional love.

It is about recognizing the abundance we have received from God and joyfully giving our time, talent and treasure.  


We are called to use our time faithfully and in the service of others -  to see prayer, meditation and worship, not as "break time" but as an integral part of reality itself - a time when we are in touch with God and God is in touch with us.


How we use our God-given gifts is another question we are called on to ponder.  Volunteering for ministry and mission enables the church community to spread the gospel of Christ and thrive and serve God.  St. Mary's is blessed with ministries and outreach programs that serve people both inside and outside of our membership. 


Stewardship is not only about money, but it helps.  The question to ask is: "What has God given me and what can I give back to God to make a difference in my church?"

Giving online - regularly (monthly?  weekly?) or with a one-time gift, in honor or memory of someone, or in thanks to the glory of God - has never been easier.  Simply follow the link and fill out the form.