Resources for Faith and Learning

Resources for your journey

Bible Exploration

Forward Movement and Forward Day-by-Day
Daily Bible passages to read and meditate on.  Available as a daily podcast and an app for you smartphone (in iOS at App Store; for Android at Google Play Store).  You can also follow Forward Day-by-Day on Facebook and Twitter.

And check out The Bible Project on YouTube.  An incredible series of videos narrating the various books of the Bible, and making them come alive.  The video below is their introductory episode.

Resources for Prayer and Spirituality

Pray as you Go - This is a daily prayer session (podcast or on your PC) that combines music, scripture and some questions for reflection.  

Forward Day by Day Meditation and Prayer by Forward Movement

Ignatian Spirituality - Try the St. Ignatius Examen - this website provides an Examen (daily reflection questions) for parents and busy business people and more.  

Henri Nouwen Society has a wonderful page, based on Nouwen's teaching and thoughts.  Sign up to receive their free, daily e-meditation, and join the conversation.

Just Plain Thought Provoking

The Episcopal Café - thought provoking essays, discussions and podcasts

Popping Collars - At the intersection of religion and pop-culture.  Fascinating podcasts with clergy folks from around the nation.

 The national Episcopal Church is presided over by dynamic, energetic, charismatic Bishop Michael Curry - who calls the church "the Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement."    Check this site out to find out more about the Jesus Movement and all that goes on at the national church.

And don't forget the Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island website.  It contains useful and interesting information for Episcopalians in Rhode Island.  You can sign up for RISEN (the Diocesan print magazine) and Diocesan E-News from this site.