Burials and Gravesites

The St. Mary's Cemetery is the final resting place of over 2,000 people.  The oldest gravestone in the churchyard is dated 1797.

Famous folks buried in our cemetery include:

  • Stephen Bleecker Luce, 1827-1917 - a U.S. Navy Admiral and the first President of the Naval War College.
  • James Parker, 1854-1934 - a Major General in the U. S. Army and a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor.
  • Harold Stirling Vanderbilt, 1884-1970 - Businessman and yachtsman, director of the New York Central Railroad and Captain of the Enterprise - the boat that successfully defended the America's Cup in 1930.

There are also markers honoring everyday folk, priests, bishops and members of the congregation.  To find a more complete list of those interred in the St. Mary's Cemetery, visit Find-A-Grave.

Inquiries about  purchasing a gravesite are by appointment only. Please contact the Church Administrator, Kim Bakoledis, at 401-846-9700, ext. 100 or email her at   to arrange an appointment.

If someone you love has recently died, please contact one of our clergy to arrange for a funeral service.  You may also visit the Life Events Page for more information about the Episcopal Funeral service.