Children in Church

St. Mary’s welcomes children and families

It is our pleasure to welcome children, their parents and guardians at all services.  We understand that children's energy and voices are gifts they may share during worship.  That is how God made them and we are grateful they are worshipping with us.  Feel free to step out and step back in as needed.  Sitting as close to the front as possible helps children to see.

We want to be a spiritually nourishing place for all. Our mission  “to be a Christian community of all ages, grounded in worship, well-being and service,” is something we strive to live into.

What you can expect when you come to a service:

  • A warm welcome
  • Special parking spaces, both in the front and back parking lots, for families with young children;
  • Children's Bulletins - with crayons and clip boards - available as you walk in.
  • Opportunities for children to come to the altar for the Eucharist.

Always check our Event Calendar for special events and programs designed for children.

To parents with young children in church, may we suggest

  • Relax!
  • Find a good spot - where your children are comfortable and can see what’s going on.
  • Teach and explain. If your child is old enough, help him/her follow along in the bulletin.
  • Take breaks if necessary.
  • Talk with others - Ask other parents for advice and help.

To other adults present, may we suggest

  • Smile!
  • Remember how you learned about your faith.