Parish Reports

St. Mary's Vestry Minutes and Treasurer's Reports are provided here so that all parishioners can be kept informed about the workings of their church.

Because Vestry Minutes and Treasurer's Reports are not "official" until they have been reviewed and approved at a Vestry Meeting, their appearance on the website will always be 1 to 2 months in arrears.

One full year's worth of Minutes and Treasurer's Reports will be kept online.  Copies of older minutes and reports are always available through the Church's Administration Office.  Simply email Kim Bakoledis, Parish Administrator, ( ) and she will be happy to assist you.

October 2017 Vestry Minutes
October 2017 Treasurer's Report

September 2017 Vestry Minutes
September 2017 Treasurer's Report

August 2017 Vestry Minutes
August 2017 Treasurer's Report

July 2017 Vestry Minutes
July 2017 Treasurer's Report

June 2017 Vestry Minutes
June 2017 Treasurer's Report

May 2017 Vestry Minutes
May 2017 Treasurer's Report

April 2017 Vestry Minutes
April 2017 Treasurer's Report

March 2017 Vestry Minutes
March 2017 Treasurer's Report

February 2017 Vestry Minutes
February 2017 Treasurer's Report

January 2017 Vestry Minutes
January 2017 Treasurer's Report

December 2016 Vestry Minutes
December 2016 Treasurer's Report

November 2016 Vestry Minutes
November 2016 Treasurer's Report

October 2016 Vestry Minutes
October 2016 Treasurer's Report

2016 Annual Report
(presented at the January 2017 Annual Meeting)