Our Leadership

The Vestry

The Vestry is the elected body of St. Mary's that is responsible for  helping define and articulate the mission of the congregation; supporting the church's mission by word and deed; selecting the rector; ensuring effective organization and planning; and managing resources and finances. 

St. Mary's Vestry members are elected for 3-year terms at the annual meeting in January.  In order to run for Vestry, a candidate must be entered on the Parish register, a regular worshiper of the Parish, and not in arrears in their financial pledge to the parish.

Vestry Leadership

  • Senior Warden - Murry Edwards 2021 (
  • Junior Warden -  Paul Westrom 2021 ( )
  • Treasurer - Chris Bartlett 2023 ( )
  • Clerk - Mattie Gustafson 2023 ( )

Vestry Members

  • TERMS END IN 2021
    • David Brierley 
    • Peter Collins 
    • Julie Zecher 
  • TERMS END IN 2022
    • David Ferkinhoff 
    • David Spengler
    • Christine Winslow 
  • TERMS END IN 2023
    • George LeBlanc 
    • Matt Spohn
    • Marlo Pratt

Sarah Gibbs Trust

The Sarah Gibbs Trustees are responsible for the oversight of St. Mary's grounds.  Established by the Sarah Gibbs Trust in 1843, this group ensures that the property that Sarah Gibbs gave to "establish an Episcopal Church" is used to meet her wishes. 

The Trustees can either be independent or Vestry Trustees.  The independent Trustees are self-nominating for up to seven 3-year terms.  The Vestry Trustees are elected by the Vestry for the duration of their Vestry term to serve on the Trust.  The Bishop of Rhode Island is an ex-officio member of the Trust.

Sarah Gibbs Independent Trustees

  • Jeff Belden, Chair (2023)
  • Fay Gosling (2022)
  • Jim Vanicek  (2021)

Sarah Gibbs Vestry Trustees

  • Chris Bartlett (2023)
  • Chris Winslow (2022)
  • Paul Westrom (2021)

The Rt. Rev. W. Nicholas Knisely, Bishop of Rhode Island ex-officio