Christmas Thanksgivings and Memorials

Thank you for contributing to St. Mary’s Christmas worship experience.  Your tax-deductible gift will enable us  to add to the beauty of our worship services during this special time in the church year.  Please be sure to indicate for whom or what you are giving thanks or are memorializing below. Your gift will be recognized in the bulletin on Christmas Eve.

Once you've completed your form, you can drop off a check at St. Mary's; mail a check to Karen LaRoche, Parish Administrator at 324 E. Main Rd., Portsmouth, RI, 20871; or pay through  Vanco, our online giving service.  To pay online, please use this link and select "Christmas Thanksgivings and Memorials".  If you are more comfortable using an envelope and check, envelopes will be available at the welcome table on Sunday mornings.  All donations must be received by Sunday, December 12th to be recognized in the Christmas bulletins.

If you have questions about your gift or how to give, please contact Joanne Gracia at .  


Christmas Thanksgivings and Memorials

If given by a couple or family, you can put "Joe and Jane" or "The" in the first name box and "Smith" or "Smith family" in the last name box.

For example, the bulletin will have "In thanksgiving for XXXXX." This box is limited to 100 characters.

For example, the bulletin will have "In memory of XXXX." This box is limited to 100 characters.



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Please indicate how you will be making your donation.