Give - Shining Your Light

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."
Matthew 6: 21

Shining Your Light is the theme for pledging and giving this stewardship season.  Our Stewardship Leader, David Brierly, has written a very moving letter about St. Mary's and the support - both personal and financial - that is critical to its future. 

Read David's letter here.

Harvest Weekend is fast approaching.  We will worship together, sing, celebrate and supper together on Saturday, November 16th.  On Sunday, after the 9:00 a.m. service, we will be helping with some clean-up around the church.  

  • Please come to the Harvest Dinner on Saturday.  You may sign up here for the dinner.
  • Please pray, plan and send in your pledge before Harvest Weekend if possible.
  • Please come and give thanks for Gabe's ministry and all the blessings and ministries we have at St. .Mary's.

Extravagant giving has the power to -
transform your heart - transform your life - transform our church.  

And online pledging is easy.  Just visit our online giving page to make a recurring gift (pledge) or a one-time donation.  You can also fill out a pledge card.  These are available at the church - in the lobby or in the Administration Office.  Your gift will reflect God's generosity to you and your generosity to others.

Planned Giving

The Christian's responsibilities of stewardship extend to the final disposition of material possessions after death. Every person, no matter how modest her or his circumstances, should have a valid will. Providing even a small bequest to the church through one's estate enables the church to continue its work.

St. Mary's has been blessed and benefited considerably by the generosity of former parishioners who have remembered the church in their wills. The clergy or Vestry office members will be happy to discuss particulars of bequests and appropriate ways to convey legacies to St. Mary's.