"What if God's word so moves and enlightens us, that we find new ways to address the complexities of our personal lives? What if God's word could rekindle our faith when it seems to be burning low? What if God's word could show us how to manage and govern a Christian community, relying more on God's power and attuned to God's plans for us?
I believe that God's word can do this."
Gabe Giella, Christian Education Director

St. Mary's offers many ways for all people to continue on their journey of faith and well-being.  From the youngest members of the parish to the oldest, from the nonbeliever to the the life-long Christian, from Sunday to Saturday, you are invited to join in numerous opportunities for personal growth.  

These opportunities for learning help strengthen your connection to yourself, the St. Mary's community, and to God.

Please visit both St. Mary's News and the  St. Mary's Event Calendar, for details.



Bible-based studies, classes on the Episcopal tradition,  Financial Peace University, and book studies are but just examples of what you can participate in at St. Mary's.  For current offerings, check our calendar.

Children's classes are from Episcopal Children's Curriculum and cover a variety of lessons on the Bible and Episcopal beliefs.  Children's classes meet on Sunday mornings from 10:30 to 11:15 in the lower level of the Parish House. 

Teens and tweens will gather on the first Sunday of each month after the 9:00  service to engage in a community service project. More events are being planned to prepare for a trip to the Episcopal Youth Summit in Washington, D.C. in the summer of 2020. Please check out our Event Calendar for dates and details of all events offered for teens and tweens.




Photo Credit:  Michelle Freitas, 2017