Sacred Center

In 2017 St. Mary’s joined in partnership with the Sacred Center to bring spiritual, emotional and physical well-being to people in our community.

The Sacred Center is an interfaith center for well-being that offers yoga, retreats, dance, spiritual discovery groups and much more in a beautiful space at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church that welcomes and is welcoming to all.

In addition, the Sacred Center and St. Mary’s have come together to offer several joint programs, including JourneyDance.

Please see St. Mary’s Event Calendar or the Sacred Center Calendar for details on programs and workshops.

"We hope you see the Sacred Center and its varied classes and workshops as a series of “invitations” to step away from your busy life and find support on your journey. Here you will be welcomed into our atmosphere of kindness, love and acceptance.
Come, let's grow together. "

Peace be with you - Rev. Shelley Dungan, Head of the Sacred Center